fredag 19 oktober 2012


So okey, these last couple of days have been really strange for me. I have been really happy from time to time and really enjoyed school. These last couple of days have still been tough and some days I felt like I needed a break from everything. All the time, you keep trying to understand. English, the culture, classes, rules. The list can be made long. It is exhausting, it really is. At home days could feel somewhat weird and confusing to, but is nothing compared to this. It really is like riding a roller coaster up and down. Nothing makes sense at all, all you know is that you are having a great time. Even though it is tough!

I think I have started to think more about taking chances. Doing everything to succeed. We have so many possibilities just in front of us. If we miss them, it is our fault. Just taking every chance you get in your life is an experience which will make you to who you are.

I am really soooo deep tonight. I am so grateful for being here. My host family is wonderful, I love them so much. I really like my school, the teachers are great and so supporting. I am getting used to school more and more. I meet new people every week and have started to make better friends. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity!

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