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Lite bilder, lite text, sen lite mer bilder (mest Taylor's and Katie's bilder från facebook haha)
Taylor and I <3

TRACK GURLS!!! Some of them <3 Yuri, Minji, Taylor, Melody and I

Josheph!! Hade track med honom och han kan lite svenska nu :)

All of us <3 Becca, Courtney, Tova, Kaya, Taylor, me, Kat, Jo, Hannah, Priscila, Katie and Anna

My group! Becca, me, Courtney, Tova, Taylor

Everyone loves Jack!! Funniest guy in school haha

Hallå familjen där hemma kolla vad jag var??? Hur coolt?!
Fun picture weho

Avril Lavigne – Here's To Never Growing Up
Alltså. De senaste dagarna har jag hunnit med att skriva två helt poänglösa utkast som jag kände var för dåligt skrivna för att ens lägga upp. Haha. Anyways. Skriver nog på engelska, lättare så!

This past week in school has been so much fun! Tuesday, it was Keckstock which is when students perform in our auditorium. Pretty great! Wednesday there was two birthdays which was celebrated in school with lots of cake! School was just really fun in general too - we finished our term paper and got donuts!!!!! Much love. I got back an English essay that I got an 80 on the first time, now I got a 91!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY AND PROUD!!! This past Thursday I also made Swedish pancakes at home as a belated Mother's Day present. Dan fixed soup and Josh fixed with dishes. It was so good!!!! First time I made them completely by myself, so I must say I actually succeeded with them :)

So yesterday we had prom!!!!! LONG DAY. I was very very lucky, thanks to our carpool we have gotten to know our freshman's sister and mom, so they fixed my makeup and hair!!!! They did a great job and I am so happy they did it for me :) Afterwards, I got picked up by Becca who lives pretty close to me. We went to Katie's house where all of them got ready. I think we were 8 girls there before. At 5 we left her house to go the Lodge to take pictures. That is where everyone does it, so we took with our groups and also lots of other fun people we wanted pictures with. In my group it was me, Taylor, Becca, Courtney and Tova. It was hilarious before. Since I have had some problems with my right leg I betted with my prom group that I would fall and break my ankle. One of the first things I do is that I almost fall down the stairs at the Lodge, in front of everyone!! My heels turned out to be really uncomfortable after a while and pretty easy to fall with. I almost fell a second time at the restaurant!  After the pictures we went to dinner in PG at Fandangos. It was good, it felt pretty weird though because we had been at the Lodge with all people before and now it was only us five. After dinner we went to prom which was out almost where we live. The theme was The Great Gatsby. All the juniors have read the book so it was a pretty good theme :) Prom was really fun!! I didn't expect a lot from it - I mean, it is a school dance. But this time they played good music, people danced and it was fun! They only played two slow songs, so we single girls danced together/girls who's dates didn't dance at all haha. We were outside a bit too, it was soooo warm inside. After prom we went to after prom, which is an event our school arranges at the Lodge. It was alright, everyone was really tired. They had lots of food!! And you could win an apple tv, camera, kindle etc. Pretty cool! They also had some fun stuff you could do, but I was sooo tired. When after prom was over Becca gave me a ride home and I got home at 3.

Prom was better than expected! I really liked the pictures and prom most of all :) A lot of people and just fun because you could see everyone's dresses. I also liked the music and almost everyone danced! :)

Tova, Taylor and Becca protecting their dresses from food haha :)

Posing in front of the restaurrant oh yes. 

PALMTREE!!! I just had to take one in front of it. 

In the car

The cake!!

ser ut såhär under de flesta eftermiddagar/kvällar efter träning

pancakes!!! love Hudson <333

love this

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  1. Wow, really nice dresses. You look awesome!
    It sounds like you had a great day and a fantastic evening.